Year of Foundation

SEZ is an enterprise of Steinbeis Innovation gGmbH, a non-profit research organisation within the Steinbeis Foundation for Technology Transfer. SEZ has 30 years of experience in building innovation capacities in enterprises, supporting their participation in EU research projects as well as supporting cross-border research and technology transfer. It is member of the Enterprise Europe Network (EEN) with close to 600 participating organisations in over 60 countries, partner in the network for European technology transfer, regional contact point for SMEs in Baden-Württemberg, Germany, and supports Baden-Württemberg’s Universities of Applied Science in formulating proposals and implementing European projects on behalf of the Ministry of Research, Science and the Arts Baden-Württemberg. One of the key sectors in which SEZ is active is environmental technologies and materials.

The core competences of SEZ are: 

  • Expert knowledge of communication and dissemination of research and innovation projects and their results 

  • Facilitating networking among innovation actors, e.g. through the organisation of European conferences and events 

  • Assistance in the exploitation of research results, the promotion of transnational technology transfer and the stimulation of innovation processes in industrial companies

  • Support of companies, universities and research organisations in implementing cross-border innovation projects by selecting appropriate funding and innovation programmes and by taking steps to enter European markets

  • Advice for policy makers and administrations on regional futures scenarios, innovation and cluster policy issues 

Role in the Project

At the core of the project’s success is SIG, a key partner driving effective communication and stakeholder engagement. With extensive experience in public and private sectors, including biotechnology, SIG ensures that project innovations reach a broad audience. Their expertise guarantees that the project’s groundbreaking results are shared effectively. Active in elevating stakeholder engagement, SIG plays a pivotal role in bridging the project and diverse communities it serves. Their dedication ensures that the project’s impact resonates far beyond expectations.


F° Javier Casado Hebrard

+49 721 935191-15