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Year of Foundation

Who We Are?

INEUVO Ltd, established in 2018 is a UK based SME company that provides scale up engineering solutions with the aim to meet the current trends towards innovative, smarter intelligent production and manufacturing.

What we offer?

Sustainable Engineering solutions and circular bioeconomy strategies for process optimisation, waste/byproduct valorisation, improve energy and water utilisation.

  • New technology scale up strategies 

  • Sustainable Processing Simulation and Optimisation

  • Renewable Energy Assessment

  • Energy efficiency, storage and Exergy Analysis

  • Life-Cycle-Assessment

  • Techno-Economic Assessment

  • Commercialisation, technology roll out and business models

  • EPC and fabrication services

Our chemical and bioprocess engineering solutions focus on circular bioeconomy and sustainable products and processes within and cross-cutting the food, feed, cosmetics, pharmaceutical, coatings, packaging and waste management sectors. This can include use of organic residues, agricultural and forestry waste or other sustainable and renewable feedstocks. Starting from process design and modelling to different levels of process assessment and strategies to produce valuable bio-based chemicals and ingredients, biofuels and bio-fertilizer. Cost saving alternatives can be accessed through feasibility studies and detailed modelling, simulations, assessments and strategies.

The main impact of our services are inputs to assess the commercial viability of the scaling up production processes (techno-economic assessment), water, heat, energy and exergy assessment, environmental assessment of the process (life cycle assessment methodology), health and safety regulatory compliance.

Ineuvo Ltd aims to establish National, European and Global biorefinery business models as a platform for the production of biobased chemicals and products for biopolymers, coatings, packaging, food, feed, cosmetics and pharmaceutical industry applications.

Role in the Project

INEUVO takes a multifaceted approach within EU project LUCRA. They specialize in enzymatic hydrolysis of Municipal Solid Waste (MSW) and sawdust, with a keen focus on scale-up and engineering. Additionally, INEUVO leads business planning and exploitation activities while providing indispensable project management support. Their comprehensive contributions are central in driving the project’s success and commercial viability.


Narinder Bains

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