Year of Foundation

HYDROHM is a spin-off company of Ghent University and the MELiSSA program of the European Space Agency. HYDROHM focuses on the development of electrochemical processes for the treatment of water and aqueous process streams. Electrochemistry allows to produce chemicals (e.g. acid, base, oxidants) in-situ by applying an electric potential on electrodes and making them catalytically active, or to attract charged species to electrodes and separate them via selective membranes. In the context of biotechnological production, this is interesting for the electrochemical control of pH, or the in-situ extraction of ionic products.

HYDROHM has a strong focus on technical expertise and excellence, with a branch that performs technical consulting projects on a commercial basis, mainly focusing on technology analysis or development, specifically related to electrochemistry or the integration of electrochemical technologies in process trains.

HYDROHM is developing in-house technology for cleaning-in-place, extraction of ammonia and extraction of ionic fermentation products, all based on fully electricity-driven processes as a replacement of the conventional dosing of chemicals.

Role in the Project

Within the LUCRA project, HYDROHM is developing the electrochemical extraction and purification of succinic acid from the fermentation medium.


Pieter Naert