• 10.07.2024

  • Online


The fourth EUBP Talk will host Tanja Meyer from the Bio Base Europe Pilot Plant (BBEPP) who will cover the topic “Transforming organic waste into bio-succinic acid on a pre-industrial scale”. It will take place on 10 July 2024. Each year, millions of tonnes of bio-waste, particularly urban organic food waste, inundate European waste management systems. However, a substantial portion of this resource—approximately 60%—currently finds its way to incineration or landfills, resulting in substantial environmental and economic losses.

To address the complexity of optimizing organic waste streams, the CBE-funded project LUCRA introduces a novel approach to waste valorisation. This strategy involves synergistic treatment of relevant waste streams, specifically bio-waste and saw dust. LUCRA leverages cutting-edge technologies, including thermal and enzymatic hydrolysis, to extract valuable components such as sugars and nutrients from these waste and side stream materials. These recovered resources will serve a dual purpose: as feedstock for succinic acid production and as inputs for innovative applications.