• 13.05.2024 – 14.05.2024

  • Brussels, Belgium


On 13 and 14 May, COST and the EU’s Circular Bio-Based Europe Joint Undertaking will host this workshop, putting the spotlight on two main contemporary challenges: limiting the use of fossil resources and ensuring the availability of circular, sustainable materials and resources.

This event invites participants to reflect and exchange on main questions, challenges and issues in the broad domain of circular, biobased materials and applications. This can include perspectives from (fundamental) biochemistry and materials science, from applied material sciences, biochemistry, forestry or food sciences or from consumer-oriented, industry-oriented or economy-oriented approaches. The following topics may be discussed during the event:

– Fundamental advances in biobased materials and resources
– Industrial applications of biobased resources
– Sustainable management of biobased resources
– Interdisciplinary approaches in implementing biobased solutions
– Consumers and policy perspectives on biobased approaches

LUCRA Contribution

  • Presentation about the project (Speaker: Ms Tanja Meyer)

Impressions of the COST Connect Event 2024